Jobs List.

Use this endpoint to get a listing of Jobs. When startDate and endDate are specified, jobs returned will be filtered to the given date range (inclusive). The date field to filter on is given with dateFilterType which defaults to CreatedDate. Optionally use milestones to limit the jobs to those in the listed milestones. Optionally use sortBy to sort jobs by either CreatedDate, MilestoneDate, or ModifiedDate. CreatedDate is the default. Optionally use sortOrder to indicate newest to oldest (Descending) ordering or oldest to newest (Ascending) ordering. Ascending is the default.

Unassigned leads or jobs will not be returned.

Supported includes values: contact, initalAppointment.

Example: return the jobs (including initial appointment) that are prospects and were modified in April sorted most recent first (descending ModifiedDate)


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