Jobs Search.

Use this endpoint to get a listing of jobs matching the given search criteria. Jobs are returned if they include a given search term and/or they are near a given set of map coordinates. At least one of searchTerm or geoLocation must be included. If both are included, jobs returned must match both criteria.

The size of the return is controlled with the pageSize query parameter which defaults to 10 and must be > 0 and <= 25. Set pageStartIndex > 0 to access jobs past the first page when more than pageSize jobs meet the search criteria.

Unassigned leads or jobs will not be returned.

Supported includes values: contact, initalAppointment.

Example: return up to 25 jobs (including initial appointment) that contain "Maple Lane" and are within 1 kilometer of the map location (40.689247,-74.044502).


"searchTerm": "Maple Lane",

"geoLocation": {

"latitude": 40.689247,

"longitude": -74.044502,

"mapRadius" 1



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