Advanced API for Developers


API Technical Knowledge Required

We do not support our APIs in the same way we support our AccuLynx Pro, Elite, or mobile apps. We do not coach or teach people how to use our APIs, nor do we explain how to use different tools to connect to our APIs. Therefore, we will only help with troubleshooting issues and only respond to communications sent through the Contact Us form.

About Our Advanced API

Experienced developers will typically use the Advanced API integration. This option gives you access to all of the endpoints that AccuLynx currently offers.

All API requests require authentication via an API Key. An API Key must be sent with every request. Each individual location within a company needs its own API key.

API Keys are generated from within your AccuLynx API page. An AccuLynx account with administrative privileges is required.


Keep your API Key Safe

Your API Key can be used by anyone to expose or manipulate your company data. Treat your API key like a password and don’t share it.

View and test our endpoints here: API References