Zapier Integration


API Technical Knowledge Required

APIs are advanced tools and using them effectively requires knowledge and experienced engineers or web developers. There is an expectation that in order to use these tools and documentation, you have an understanding of how API’s work, along with a strong understanding on how to use them to manage integrations with AccuLynx and other products.

We do not teach people how to use our APIs, nor do we explain how to use different tools to connect to our API. We can help with troubleshooting issues but only within the forums provided here.

Please also note that our outstanding customer support team, which completely supports our web and mobile applications, does not have the ability to support our API or answer any technical questions you may have about its use. They are highly skilled AccuLynx experts but not engineers, and they do not have the technical expertise to work through the myriad of issues that can be part of integrating APIs with AccuLynx.


For those with limited integration experience or developer resources, we suggest using our Zapier integration. Zapier requires less technical expertise to connect your AccuLynx data to another application, but it is not without its own technical requirements. There are limitations on which software and data can be integrated with AccuLynx using Zapier. In order to use Zapier, a Zapier account is required.

What can I do with Zapier “Zaps”?

This integration allows you to:

  • Push leads from another application into AccuLynx
  • Pull job data from AccuLynx into another application when a job milestone changes

Zapier uses something they call a “Zap” to perform a given task. Zaps run continuously between AccuLynx and other online applications.

A Zap contains a “Trigger” and an “Action”. A trigger is the event the Zap is looking for that will start the Zap in motion. An Action is the event that happens after the trigger fires. For example, a trigger could be when a new lead is added to your existing lead software, which would then perform the action of pushing that new lead into AccuLynx.

What AccuLynx endpoints are included in Zapier “Zaps”?

(If you need access to additional AccuLynx data, other than what is listed here, you will need to use the Advanced API for Developers.)

  • Primary Contact
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Company name
    • Phone Number 1
    • Phone Extension 1
    • Phone Type (example: home, work, mobile)
    • Phone Number 2
    • Phone Extension 2
    • Phone Type 2
    • Phone Number 3
    • Phone Extension 3
    • Phone Type 3
    • Email Address
  • Job Address
    • Street
    • Street 2
    • City
    • State
    • State, County, Province, or Region of the lead/job.
    • Zip Code
    • Country
  • Job Info
    • Cross Reference
    • Job Category
    • Work Type
    • Priority
    • Notes
    • Sales Person
    • Initial Appointment

How do I create a Zap for the AccuLynx API?

A "Zap" is created in your Zapier account using a drag & drop editor and requires no code to be written. You can incorporate any applications that have integrations with Zapier. The Zapier interface will walk you through the process of creating a Zap.

Get Started! Create a Zap.

If you need help building a Zap for the AccuLynx API, learn how at Creating a Zap - Help.