Keep Your API Key Safe

Your API Key can be used by anyone to expose or manipulate your company data. Treat your API key like a password and don’t share it.

AccuLynx API Keys

All API requests require authentication via an API Key. An API Key must be sent with every request.

Each integration within an AccuLynx account location should have its own API Key. It's important when you generate your API Keys to give them a descriptive name to help identify the the specific integration they will be used to authenticate. As an example, a key used to integrate with Home Advisor would be named "Home Advisor" which will allow you to run reports on the leads that come in from “Home Advisor” and determine an ROI for those leads.

Where do I get an API Key?

An API key requires an active AccuLynx account. Keys can be created by your Location or Company Administrator within AccuLynx Account Settings. If you do not have permissions to view Account Settings, ask your administrator to create a key for you.

Get your API key from your AccuLynx API page.