Getting Started

An API is a set of protocols, routines, and tools that enable software applications to communicate with each other and exchange data.

APIs are advanced tools and require either strong subject matter knowledge, experienced engineers, or experienced web developers in order to use them effectively. Our expectation for all those using these APIs is that you already have an understanding of how API’s work, along with a strong understanding of how to use them to manage integrations with AccuLynx and other products.

We do not support our APIs in the same way we support our AccuLynx Pro, Elite, or mobile apps. We do not coach or teach people how to use our APIs, nor do we explain how to use different tools to connect to our APIs. Therefore, we will only help with troubleshooting issues and only respond to communications sent through the Contact Us form.

Please also note that our outstanding Customer Support Team provides troubleshooting and guidance for our web and mobile applications ONLY. Customer Support does not have the ability to answer any technical questions you may have about our API. They are highly skilled AccuLynx experts but not engineers, and will not be able to work through the myriad of issues that can be part of trying to integrate 3rd party APIs with AccuLynx.

Why use the AccuLynx API?

Make AccuLynx and the other software you use work better together by connecting them via our APIs. Using the AccuLynx API, data can be seamlessly exchanged between AccuLynx and other applications for greater efficiency and productivity.

Examples of API usage:

  • Add leads from other applications to AccuLynx.
  • Send job contacts when jobs get to a specific milestone to your marketing software for a postcard mailing.

Partner with AccuLynx

The AccuLynx API is for AccuLynx software users. If you are a software business that is looking to integrate your software with AccuLynx, please contact us through our Partnership Application.

What is required?

A technical understanding of APIs and how they work is required to use the provided API endpoints. You must have an active AccuLynx account and have created and named an API Key for authentication.

API Options


Zapier is a web-based service that allows users to automate tasks between different web applications without writing any code. Zapier connects different web applications together and creates workflows or "Zaps" that automate tasks and save time.

For those with limited integration experience or developer resources, we suggest using our Zapier integration. Zapier requires less technical expertise to connect your AccuLynx data to another application, but it is not without its own technical requirements. There are limitations on which software and data can be integrated with AccuLynx using Zapier. In order to use Zapier, a Zapier account is required.

Advanced API

Experienced developers will typically use the API endpoints that AccuLynx has provided. This option gives you access to ALL available endpoints, supporting documentation and code snippets describing how to integrate with AccuLynx, and the ability to test what you are building.